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3-in-1 heat and vibration cupping powered by ThermaVibration™ Technology

TheraCup combines traditional cupping with our cutting-edge ThermaVibration™ Technology. We're bringing suction, heat, and vibration together to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience that optimizes localized relief and recovery. With built-in safety sensors and on-device controls, TheraCup safely brings professional-level therapy to the comfort of home.


3-in-1 functionality - offers heating and vibration therapies in
addition to traditional cupping suction for an enhanced, more
effective recovery solution.

Professional Grade Treatments At-Home - With our digitized
on-device controls and built-in safeguards, you can safely and
effectively utilize our enhanced cupping therapy at home, without
the assistance of a professional.

Compact & Portable - Unlike other at-home sets which can
contain up to 30 cups, TheraCup’s 3 cup sizes, built-in rechargeable
lithium-ion battery and included neoprene case allow for easy
storage and on-the-go convenience.

Unparalleled Safety - Our 3 built-in safeguards and auto-shutoff
feature monitors suction and heat levels to protect the skin, and
grant peace of mind throughout your treatments

• Three levels of suction decompression
   (30kpa, 40kpa, 50kpa)
• Three levels of heat (41C, 43C, 45C)
• Three levels of vibration
   (1800rpm, 2400rpm, 3000rpm)
• Three interchangeable transparent cups
• Built-in safeguards: auto shutoff, pressure
   detection, high-intensity suction warning
• 120-minute battery life
• Portable and lightweight

What’s Included:
• TheraCup device
• 3 interchangeable transparent cups
  (35mm, 45mm, and 55mm diameters)
• Type-C charging cable (USB)
• Neoprene carrying pouch