PRCTZ Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell, 10-50lb

SKU: 3561CI-22


The PRCTZ Cast iron kettlebell is offered in multiple weight levels for you to choose from and its versatile shape fits any free weight and strength training exercise at home or group workout with training partners! Our kettlebells are engineered and built to be safe, durable and dependable. PRCTZ uses only quality cast iron, steel and enduring finishes with a proper proportioned grip that is comfortable and gives the safety and confidence while using PRCTZ LLC has been the industry standard for fitness training accessory and equipment since 1986, and all our products are 100% safety regulated being the #1 trusted choice by exercisers at any skill levels. We continue to innovate and create new ways to encourage active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Cast iron construction for durability
  • Wide handle grip design great for secure and comfortable grip with one or two hands
  • Cast into a single piece for a strong handle and no seams or rough spots
  • Great for isolated muscle building workouts or a full body toning workout