PRCTZ Power Training Band, Light

SKU: PF0690-61


PRCTZ Essential Power bands are great for adding additional resistance to your everyday workouts. This lightweight band provides great benefits from - increased muscle strength, stamina, and full body flexibility. Our resistance bands are great for many workout classes including - pull-up assistance bands, PT bands, Yoga, and Pilates. Our resistance bands for men and women by level and suggested exercise bands - Extra Light - up to 33 Pounds 0.4" thick is our lightest resistance band ideal for stretching, mobility, jumping exercises, and toning small muscle groups like lateral raises. A light support for pull-up assistance bands. Light - up to 52 Pounds 0.9" thick is our 2nd level resistance band. Ideal for small or medium muscle groups like the biceps. These bands offer pull-up assistance and are a great way to add resistance to traditional gym equipment like bench presses. Medium - up to 79lbs 1.26" thick is our highest resistance band. The heavy-duty resistance bands target various larger muscles for exercises like shoulder press, deadlifts, and calve exercises, and the best resistance bands are for assisted pull-ups, strict or kipping.

  • Made of 100% latex
  • Light resistance
  • 81" x 0.9" x 0.18"
  • Resistance strength: up to 52lbs (15kgs)
  • Perfect workout tool for full-body training on the go
  • Creates tension making your muscles put 100% effort through the full range of motion during every move
  • Increase strength, endurance, and power
  • Can be added to any squat, deadlift, lunge, and other workouts where you want a resistance challenge