PRCTZ Essential Elastic Fabric Hip/Glute Band 3 Pack

SKU: PF0450-61


If you are looking for fabric hip resistance bands that won't roll or slip during your workouts and are wider than regular leg bands, this PRCTZ Essential 2-inch loop training bands are perfect for you. Fabric Resistance bands are the ultimate piece of exercise equipment and an important piece in every fitness enthusiast's arsenal. You can squat with them during an at-home LIT Method workout or bring them to your next in-person barre class. A fabric resistance band 3 piece set, that is easy to store or travel with, and amazingly versatile. You may think of them primarily as a way to work your booty, but resistance bands can also be utilized to target your legs, arms, and abs. No rolling, slipping, or discomfort, and high strength. Using the latest polycotton technology PRCTZ's cloth resistance bands are soft to the touch yet durable fabric, with 2 inner non-slip rubber strips that prevent it from slipping, sliding, or tearing. The workout bands keep their shape after every use. It's suitable for all kinds of sports. You can do many exercises with these training bands: Pilates, Squats, Lungs, Gluteal Muscle Bridge, Donkey Kick, Monster Walk, and so on. cloth resistance loop bands are a full-body exercise tool for your glutes, thighs, hip, legs, and abs. These fabric elastic workout bands come with a portable bag that is convenient to carry. Whether you are at home, in the gym, outdoors, or on the go, you can perform daily exercises anytime, anywhere.


Includes 3 fabric resistance band levels:

LIGHT - 13" x 2.36"

Resistance strength of 14-25 lbs (6.3kgs - 11kgs)

MEDIUM - 13" x 2.36"

Resistance strength of 25-35 lbs (11 - 15kgs)

HEAVY - 13" x 2.36"

Resistance strength of 40-50lbs (18 - 22kgs)