PRCTZ 10ft Cable Jump Rope

SKU: PF2340-61


PRCTZ 10ft Cable Jump Rope is a great addition to your cardio workout. Ergonotic long plastic handles will help you with maximum rotation and keep your jumps nice and clean. The smooth frictionless rotation ensures faster spins so that you can burn more fat. PRCTZ Essential 10ft Cable Jump Rope features a thin cable design coated with clear plastic for safety and durability. The adjustable sizing and the ability to cut the cable let you create a jump rope that's the right length for a great workout.Jump rope is proven to be a great heart healthy cardiovascular exercise to help increase agility, coordination, and endurance. Great for all athletes looking for a good burn. Compact and portable for indoor and outdoor exercises. 

  • 6.63-inch Ergonotic long plastic handles offer a lightweight and secure grip
  • 10-foot cable rope has a thin design for increased speed
  • Use for a cardio workout or agility training
  • Plastic coating for added safety
  • Adjustable sizing collar allows you to customize the length according to your height
  • Cable rope can be coiled easily to make storage simple