PRCTZ 2-in-1 Waist Belt & Arm Belt Combo

SKU: 1941PT-20


The PRCTZ 2-in-1 waist belt is a great addition to your outdoor activities. It is water resistant and has enough compartment to store your phone, wallet and car keys. This combo comes with our Arm band that pairs perfectly with your waist belt to accommodate your phone and any additional items you're traveling with. Our Arm band and waist belt come is made of expandable material and great for all shapes and sizes.

  • Great for working out or any outdoor adventures
  • Enough room to fit your phone and any additional belongings in a tightly seal water resistant compartment
  • Expandable material to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Light weight and easy to maneuver in any workout or outdoor activity
  • 100% Lycra