PRCTZ Adjustable Power Cage, 1000 lb. Capacity, Weight Lift Cage with Pull Up Bar, Dip Station, J-Hooks, and Squat Rack

SKU: 9039GY-3


PRCTZ Adjustable Power Cage for Full-Body Workout is the ideal at home muscle building and strength training machine. The heavy duty main frame is made from high quality steel tubing and designed to support a maximum user weight of 1000 lbs, and a maximum total weight of 2500 lbs. This full-body workout machine allows you to perform a variety of upper and lower body workouts with the pull-up bars, Dip attachments, and adjustable J-hooks made for squats and flat bench. Our system includes safety bars if your feeling extra strong and want to take your workout to the maximum without the worry hurting yourself. 

  • PRCTZ Adjustable Power Cage has a 1000 lb weight capacity for all of your strength exercises
  • Multi-grip pull bar great for your traditional pull-ups with a wide grip and close grip
  • Two Dip Bar attachments great for your traditional dips, or mix it up and use it to for pushups and tricept workouts
  • Four J-Hooks included with additional safety bars to execute squats and bench press
  • Our Solid steel power cage has an H-Shape designed for comfort and stability for maximum safety