PRCTZ Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack, Foldable FID Bench, and Weight Storage

SKU: 7865LB-1


Offering multiple workout stations in a single, compact design, the PRCTZ Weight Bench and Rack combination provides the versatility you need to build the body you want. Whether you work out with a standard or an Olympic-sized barbell, the PRCTZ adjustable uprights will fit the job. And, with adjustable safety spotters that measure a standard 8” long, you’ll get all the safety and support you need during your workout. The Two-piece Weight Bench with Rack  allows you to work out with the bench and uprights together or separately, turning the uprights into a premium squat center and the bench into a classic multi-position workout station for performing a variety of ab and weight workouts. This FID bench also features the 8-position adjustment. This makes it more versatile than a flat bench, allowing you to perform exercises at different angles and target different muscle groups. Once finished, conveniently organize and store your weight plates with the built-in plate storage.

Adjustable FID Utility Bench

  • Independent Utility Bench: Your bench can be used separately or moved out of the way, allowing you to perform squats and other exercises without obstruction
  • Multiple Bench Positions: Incline, flat, and decline bench positions offer countless exercise options and proper exercise form
  • Olympic Width: A multi-width bench is designed to accommodate Olympic bars
  • The weight bench is designed to support a maximum user weight of 300 Lbs, and a maximum total weight of 550 Lbs.

Independent Upright Weight Squat Rack

  • Adjustable Uprights: Adjust the uprights to a number of positions for various exercises and comfort levels
  • Safety Spotters: Prevent unnecessary injury while working out
  • Standing Squat Station: Perform squats that isolate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves
  • Built-In 1"/2" Plate Storage: Keep your weights neatly organized and out of the way
  • Weight Limit: The upright rack is designed to support a maximum weight of 1000 lbs.

*Weight plates are not included.

Assembled Dimensions

  • Adjustable FID Utility Bench: 49.5" L x 14" W x 16"(Flat)/49" (90 Degree)
  • Squat Rack: 43.25" L x 36.25" W x 49.25"-61.75" H