PRCTZ Latex Resistance Stretch Band Set 3 Pack

SKU: PF0330-61


PRCTZ 4ft Resistance stretch bands set is the ultimate 3pc exercise equipment. Our 3 pc bands offers resistance in a light, medium, and heavy resistance level. You can easily do squats, lunges, glute workouts ultimately anywhere you desire. The resistance band set is easy to store and travel wherever your training takes you. Suitable for all kinds of workout routines including: Pilates, Squats, Lunges, Gluteal Muscle Bridge, Donkey Kick, Monster Walk, etc. PRCTZ Resistance stretch bands are great for men and women of all ages lookng to improve strength and mobility by adding on extra resistance to their workouts. 

  • 4ft or 1.2m long
  • Flat latex material
  • 3 resistance levels -light 10lbs, medium 15lbs, and heavy 20lbs
  • A powerful full-body training tool you can take anywhere