PRCTZ Training Modular Barbell - Home Fitness Dumbbell to Barbell Converter

SKU: 4175BS-63



Unleash the full potential of your home gym with PRCTZ Modular Weight Training Barbell bar, designed to transform your cast iron dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells, adjustable dumbbell set, and resistance tube set into a heavy-duty weight bar for intensive weightlifting and strength training. The weight training barbell bar comes with two detachable dumbbell clamps can accommodate curved or straight dumbbell handles up to 1.5 inch in diameter and minimum handle length of 4.5”. The clamps also feature built-in resistance tube adapters allowing easy assembly. Just simply clip the carabiners to the adapters to start your curls, tricep extensions, lat pull exercises and more. The whole modular training barbell bar system can hold up to 200lbs, 100lbs each side, and is 54.5” at total length, allowing it rack-able on your home gym squat rack and weight bench. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing home gym setup for a complete workout experience.

  • Two-piece training barbell, 1” dia x 44” L without the dumbbell clamps or 1" x dia 54.6" with the dumbbell clamps
  • Barbell weight: 6.6 lbs | Total Barbell Weight With Clamps: 7.8 lbs
  • Hold up to 200lbs, 100 lbs each side
  • Built-in resistance tube adapter
  • Compatible with Hex Dumbbell, PRCTZ Adjustable dumbbells, Bowflex Select Tech, and more
  • Patent Pending